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About Us



Abacus nursery is a family run business; the owner opened the nursery in January 1996 and has either managed or been intensively involved in the running of the nursery during this time.   

Staff The majority of our staff have been with us for many years. 100% of our staff hold the minimum qualification required by Ofsted to be solely responsible for children (level 3 nursery nurses), with many more having level 4 qualifications, others with degrees, teacher status for the early years and additional qualifications in management and health and safety. The family have invested heavily in the nursery over the years and Abacus can accommodate approximately 100 children between the ages of 0 – 5 years.

Mission Statement It has always been our prime aim to ensure that our children are safe and happy. In order to achieve this, we work in partnership with our children’s parents and carers, and any other people that are paramount to their well-being. When children feel safe, happy and cared for, they then have the confidence to explore and develop. Our children primarily learn through a balance of child-led and adult-led activities.   Why Choose Abacus? Choosing a nursery for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We strive to ensure that parents and carers are confident that we will continue to provide the care, support and opportunities that parents and family members provide at home, allowing children to develop individually. Our prime aims and philosophies include: - To work in close partnership with parents: We are available at all times to discuss any aspects of our children’s development in a sensitive, supporting and caring manner. We plan regular family sessions in which our staff and parents together engage our children and their siblings in fun and meaningful activities. Happy children are our number one priority: Children who are happy are open and receptive to learning. Staff who are happy, enthusiastic, skilled and experienced will provide an inviting, fun and relevant environment in which children can flourish. Motivational and engaging learning techniques: Children learn more effectively when they learn through play and the activities are fun, exciting, interesting and at their own personal level of development/relevant to their needs and interests at any given time. Respond to children’s and families’ individual needs: All children and families are unique and therefore the attention, opportunities and support that they receive should reflect this. We look forward to getting to know our children, their families’ and friends.  Children should be instrumental in their learning: Opportunities are provided for children to plan their own activities and take responsibility for the decisions they make (and their consequences).   Rewarding achievements: The children’s achievements are celebrated by their peers and adults. Reward systems and praise are continuous and varied.
Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) The revised EYFS is our Government’s recommended framework for children from birth to five year old (including a child’s reception year in school). We have always followed our Government’s frameworks/curriculums and all of our activities and experiences that are offered to our children promote the desired outcomes within such recommendations. Some of these include the Every Child Matters outcomes, Letters and Sounds, and initiatives such as Every Child a Talker. Our children’s development and progress are continually assessed using not only the EYFS framework, but we also carry out additional assessments. These assessments are analysed by our management/Early Years Professionals.   Ofsted Outstanding April ‘13 We were inspected in April ’13 and were graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in all categories of assessment. Despite this achievement, we continue to strive to improve the care, support and education we offer to children and their families. Click here to access our latest Ofsted inspection report.   STANLEY Accredited Programme In 2013, we were awarded the STANLEY gold star award from our Local Authority which represents settings that are outstanding.