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Health and Safety



The safety and well-being of our children is our absolute priority in everything that we do. We have comprehensive procedures and facilities to ensure that all children and adults are safe and healthy.

  • The management and staff have various safety qualifications ranging from how to safely recruit staff and check their suitability to how to maintain and promote a safe environment/working practices
  • Comprehensive training for all adults covering a range of policies and procedures ensures that the children are safe and secure at all times. Policies include: Drop Off and Pick Up, Medication, Unwell Children, Sun Policy, Child Protection, First Aid, Outdoor Play, Allergies, Outings, comprehensive Health and Safety policies (including risk assessments and cleaning routines), Equipment, Fire and Evacuation etc.
  • Recordable 24 hour CCTV both indoors and outdoors
  • Electronic door entry system
  • No radiators or pipes (gas central heating in the ceilings and individually controlled by each room/area)
  • Enclosed play areas (including garden) secured by 7ft lockable metal gates
  • Safety flooring in wet/messy areas
  • Air conditioning
  • Finger guards on all doors
  • Vision panels throughout the nursery


Promoting Safe and Healthy Practices

Throughout the day, all adults and children will promote safe and healthy practices within our nursery. For the adults, this involves complying with all policies and practices (some of which are listed on previous page), but also demonstrating and encouraging the children to know how they can keep themselves safe. This includes: -

  • Ensuring that the children know that they must be accounted for (following our procedures, such as lining up to be counted before going out and returning to their play room).
  • Teaching and helping the children to keep the room tidy – sweeping up sand and mopping up water around the water areas
  • Teaching the children how to recognise dangers and help them work out solutions to manage these dangers, such as how to use tools on the workbench, or how to cross the road
  • Wearing of aprons for specific tasks (eating and messy activities)
  • Constant supply of paper towels, tissues, sanitiser, soaps etc. that the children are encouraged to use
  • Regular exercise and outdoor play, including going on outings that promote exercise
  • Having visitors come into nursery such as police, fire and road safety professionals etc.
  • Constant hand washing and cleaning of surfaces
  • Visiting places that promote health and safety, such as the dentist, fire station, various shops etc.
  • The children help plant, grow, harvest, cook and prepare their own food


Food and Nutrition

We have been awarded an updated ‘Eat Better, Do Better’ award from the Children’s Food Trust, which involved us incorporating comprehensive criteria into our menu. Both our Deputy Manager and one of our cooks have attended a one day nutrition course.

We have two cooks, who between them, cover a full day, five days per week. They cook/prepare breakfast, morning and afternoon snack, lunch and tea. We provide all weaning foods for our babies and also provide an individual menu for children who have allergies or intolerances. We have a very diverse menu that gives our children the opportunity to try lots of healthy food from a variety of cultures. We very much value the importance of purchasing the highest quality ingredients that are sourced from our community wherever possible. This includes: -

  • Use local farms for chicken and meat products such as steak, beef and pork
  • Source fresh salmon from local wholesaler
  • Cook sauces from ‘scratch’
  • Use reputable suppliers such as Asda for weekly groceries
  • Use fresh food and not substitutes
  • Use quorn on a weekly basis

Our staff also eat with our children, encouraging them to eat all of their food, whilst also modelling and encouraging good manners and social skills.