Coronavirus Update 6th Jan 2021

We are continuing to remain open throughout what can only be described as a life changing time for everyone. We are open to all families, and are welcoming new children.

Our priority is to continue to ensure everyone’s safety, yet at the same time, ensure that the wellbeing of our children is not compromised.

We have been determined to remain open throughout the pandemic, and are thankful that this has been achieved, especially considering that the number of children and staff have increased steadily in the past few months. We will continue to change our practices in accordance with new developments regarding the virus to ensure that we can support as many families as possible.

Our staff and parents have been extremely supportive to ensure that nursery life continues safely, with as little disruption as possible. Our parents and carers have given our nursery/staff amazing feedback regarding how their children have continued to enjoy coming to nursery – this not only has enabled our families to navigate their work and family responsibilities at such a critical time, but has contributed to giving our children some consistency, which is crucial when the world around them has changed so much.