Rooms & our environments

All play rooms (as well as the outside) have designated activity areas, encouraging skills in all areas of development within the EYFS.

These activity areas include: creative/messy, mark making and early writing, literacy, numbers and reasoning, role play, construction, making sounds, the natural world/investigations, sand and water and relaxing/cosy areas.


Indoor areas

In addition to our five children’s play rooms, all children also have access to:

Sensory room
In addition to having extensive sensory equipment that is used in all areas of our nursery, we also have a separate sensory room that develops children’s all round senses through a vast amount of equipment, such as a bubble tube and various lights.

We also use this room for specific activities based around all areas of learning within the EYFS, such as Letters and Sounds activities and story-telling.

Soft play room
We also have a separate indoor soft play room, which all of our children access. This offers the children the opportunity to climb, crawl, walk, build, jump, throw, slide, roll, etc., whilst at the same time, developing their language and social skills.

Outdoor areas

Two of our children’s rooms have continuous access to the outdoors which incorporates two enclosed private play spaces. These are resourced to aid the children’s development in all areas of learning within the EYFS and also include resources to promote their interests:

Private Garden
Grassed area | Wooden pergola (outdoor classroom) | Wooden train and carriages | Cosy den | Construction shed | Chalk wall | Sound wall | Various toys to promote all round development

Private Play Area
Large metal climbing frame with slide | Tarmacked area for riding bikes and to pull/push various equipment | Mark making area including chalk boards | Sand and water area | Planter containing soil | Variety of equipment to promote physical development – cones, hoops, balls, coits etc | Construction area | Role play area