Parental involvement

We firmly believe that a child’s parents and regular carers are a child’s most important educators.

We aim to work in close partnership with parents and carers throughout their time at the nursery. Parents and carers are also encouraged to contribute to the evidence collected at  nursery in relation to their children’s progress in all areas of development using our online journal system. Staff will then use this information to plan activities that will further develop skills.

Information shared between Abacus and parents/carers

From before your child starts their journey at our nursery until after they have left us, there will be a continuous exchange of information that will enable everyone to best meet the needs of your child.

This involves a combination of daily charts, online journal, progress meetings, written reports, sharing of child observations and their summary of development.

There are also opportunities to watch your child take part in celebration of learning events and individual/group/family activites.

Online learning journal

Each child’s key carer completes an online learning journal that documents their individual progress. Parents and carers are encouraged to upload the experiences that children have at home, strengthening the partnership between home and nursery.